Analyzing an Ethical Decision essay

Analyzingan Ethical Decision

Analyzingan Ethical Decision

Thearticle entitled, “EthicalDilemma: Should Nurses Treat Their Own Family”published by (2016) takes an analytical look at thequestion of whether nurses should treat their family and friends ornot. The article is about a nurse currently under investigations bythe police for allegedly making her child sick by prescribing anantipsychotic drug known as risperidone for her. The offense whosepenalty attracts a jail term of up to 10years borders on the ethicsaround nurses treating their family members. This case raises bothmoral and ethical questions in its application.(

Mostnurses are confronted with various ethical dilemmas in the course oftheir duties. The moral dilemma, in this case, regarded whether thenurse was justified in administering a drug to her child. Whereasbest practice demands that healthcare service providers should nottreat their family members or friends, some emergency cases requirean immediate response (Brenda et al., 2011). In the event of such acase, the nurse practitioner is expected to apply the same criteriaand caution as it would have been in the event of a non-familypatient. The morality in this situation encompasses what the nurseintended to achieve by administering this diagnosis (Carolyne, 2005).

Inmost states, this provision is technically legal. However, nursepractitioners are encouraged not to prescribe or administer anytreatment to friends and family members. In my state, it isconsidered unethical to act outside of the scope of best practice toadminister controlled substances to friends and family members.However, the law provides caveats for this in the event of emergencycases. This is consistent with the provisions of best practices(Connie et al., 2006).

Presentedwith this situation, I would analyze the degree of emergency againstthe possible options at the disposal of the nurse. If it was anemergency, it is imperative to know whether the nurse observed thesame criteria and caution required of a non-family patient.


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