Analysis of Ethical Dilemma Voluntary and Assisted EuthanasiaPart III essay

Analysisof Ethical Dilemma: Voluntary and Assisted EuthanasiaPart III

PurpleGroup: Brian Sullivan, Christie Turner, Jason Lehman, and VictoriaThomas

GrandCanyon Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare

May15, 2016


The issueof physician-assisted suicide does not receive unanimous support fromthe members of the society. The inquiry of whether it is ethical toassist patients with terminal illnesses to shorten their sufferingdivides the healthcare professionals and religious leaders. Accordingto the medical experts, the patients’ autonomy in a hospitalbecomes limited at the point of assisted suicide. The law does notallow physicians to aid the patient in death except in very limitedcircumstances. Doctors and nurses agree that, under variouscircumstances, physician-assisted suicide should be legalized. In thecase of terminal illness where the patient has less than six monthsto live, it is ethical to help them end their suffering. It requirestheir informed consent and the choice of the method by a familymember.

Conversely,religious leaders argue that there is no justification to take one’slife regardless of the circumstances. The family members should bethere to encourage and empathize instead of choosing the method tohasten the death of their relative. From the religious perspective,it is, therefore, unethical for the government to pass suchlegislation. The rationale for this is that the right to take a lifewill rest upon a human-made legislation, and it is unethical.

From theopinion collected from various stakeholders, we recommend that thegovernment should make physician-assisted death legal. It is worthnoting that passing the legislation does not give the physician theright to make the decision to terminate life. The autonomy wouldstill rest with the patient. Also, the patient will be required tohave a terminal illness and the chances of dying within six months.It should be part of the healthcare principles since it involvestreating patients with dignity.