An Eagle as a Personal Mascot essay


AnEagle as a Personal Mascot

Aneagle as a personal mascot

Apersonal mascot refers to an animal whose characters you admire andwould like to possess too. In my case, my personal mascot would be aneagle. Eagles are some of the largest birds of prey. They possessflight power and sight to hunt their prey. There are challenges thateagles face in hunting their prey, but they are always focused onensuring that they capture the prey. I have a lot of determination inlife many people have given me high accolades due to that since Ialways achieve my goals no matter what comes my way. Eagles are alsoknown to carry out an assessment of various elements in their lifeincluding their mates. This enhances their trust. I have alwaysyearned to have friends who are trustworthy to help me avoid problemsarising from betrayal or mistrust. The trait can help me confirm thetrustworthiness of those close to me

Eaglesare very fearless and will never give up in hunting their preyregardless of the size. As a human being, I have faced challenges andat times, I think that they are beyond my capabilities. I would liketo have endurance and be fearless when faced with challenges in mylife. Fearlessness and endurance are qualities that a leader shouldhave. Leadership positions are characterized by the challenges withvarying magnitudes. I have been looking forward to being a leader.

Unlikethe other birds, eagles fly very high in the sky. This implies that Ishould also emulate the bird and try to achieve big dreams. Despitethe high altitude eagles fly, they still maintain focus on the preyon the ground. They have a sharp eyesight that enables them to viewtheir prey from a high altitude. They are always prepared to hunt andhave strong claws for holding the prey firmly. I should always beprepared to achieve my objectives within the specified time.