An Analysis of “How Male and Female Student Use Language Differently”


AnAnalysis of &quotHow Male and Female Student Use LanguageDifferently&quot

Thearticle “Teacher’s classroom strategies should recognize that menand women use language differently” by Deborah Tannen is apersuasive article that uses a convincing style to persuade theaudience that there is a need for teachers to use teaching strategiesthat recognize the differences between male and female learners inthe classroom. She uses personal yarn and examples to ensure that thereader accepts her opinions. This paper identifies the main argumentsof the article by Deborah Tannen and the writing styles used by theauthor to persuade the audience.


Thearticle by Tannen appeals to teachers to evaluate their teachingapproaches and gender compositions of their classrooms. In heropinion, some of the teaching methods in modern classrooms are notsufficient to deal with gender differences, especially in promotingequal participation of male and female learners in the learningprocess. Generally, female learners are likely to be quiet in alearning environment which is competitive and expressive, while malelearners are likely to be more expressive. This is contrary to whathappens in the general social life, outside the classroom. Malelearners are more likely to prefer a learning environment thatpromotes attacking the reading while female learners are likely to beuncomfortable with hostile discussions. According to Tannen, if ateacher fails to identify these gender differences, the methodsadopted are likely to be a disadvantage to one of the groups.


Tannenuses a casual tone and personal examples to illustrate differencesbetween male and female learners and how they communicate. The authoralso demonstrates how the teaching approaches adopted by the teachercan be a disadvantage to one gender. The strategy adopted in thearticle motivates the reader to think about her arguments andconsider her point of view.


DeborahTannen. Teacher`sClassroom Strategies Should Recognize that Men and Women use LanguageDifferently.