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AmericanCore Values


AmericanCore Values

Theinaugural speech of John F Kennedy speaks much of the Americanattitude towards life. As an American, his words resonate preciselywith how I carry out myself and affairs. It is the American way to betolerant of adversity and approach issues with caution, pressing onfirmly and daringly to rescue any situation that could befall them.In his speech, John F says, “Finally, to those nations who wouldmake themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a request:that both sides begin the quest for peace anew, before the darkpowers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity inplanned or accidental self-destruction” depicting the Americans’tolerance tendencies towards even those who regard themselves astheir enemies (Meyer, 1982).

AsAmerican, there are core values that am founded upon, guiding mydaily dealings within and without the American soil. John F relatesthe values in a more explicit and yet modest manner that it does notcause disparity among its citizens and disintegration with theneighbors. I wake up every morning with a plan to generate progressin my country and ensure that my contribution is in positive light,only to foster growth. John F in his speech encourages hard work andpersonal contribution to the country’s affairs, which is typical ofAmericans (Meyer, 1982). He speaks thus, “And so my fellowAmericans: ask not what your country will do for you- ask what youcan do for your country.”

Thepoem “Those Winter Sundays”, by Robert Hayden illustrates thetwist in life. It gives an explanation of the bitter taste ofstruggle without appreciation. It is usually agonizing that those youfend up for dearly are the ones who exhibit non-appreciativedisposition.

Inthe poem, the speaker reminisces about the time he witnessed hisfather struggling to provide them with a serene atmosphere of livingbut was never appreciated. He states, “No one ever thanked him.”The speaker while he grew knew no peace because anger filled hisenvironment as the poems relays, “…, fearing the chronic anger ofthat house”. As an American, his father exercised resiliencebecause no matter how hard he was hit by the thought of no one havingregard for his struggles, he remained a father to reckon with, wakingup even on every Sunday morning to light fire for every ones warmth.


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