American Core Values. essay

AmericanCore Values.

AmericanCore Values

JohnF. Kennedy is regarded as among the greatest orators with his openingspeech forming one of the most celebrated narrations in the America’shistory. In his inaugural address, J.F Kennedy expressed his deepestconvictions and the core values of the American people in a splendidmanner. Kennedy urged the Americans to remain united and patriotic.In his speech, Kennedy says that let every nation recognize, whetherit desires well or ill for the citizens. The citizens shall emolumentany cost, accept any liability, encounter any suffering, back anyacquaintance, and face any enemy to guarantee the survival as well asthe achievement of liberty. This illustrates patriotism and unity asthe core values of the American people (Thurston, 2004).

Thevalue of hard work of the Americans was also reaffirmed when he madea passionate call for everybody to stand up and take responsibility.The value of hard work forms one of the ways one can identifyhim/herself from the address. In the speech, Kennedy suggests that inthe hands of the American people, more than his own will rest theultimate accomplishment of the anticipated progress. This was a callof hard work, responsibility, and loyalty which is an identity of theAmerican people.

Thepoem “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden, regards the poetlooking at his fathers’ sacrifices and his apathy toward his fatherwhen he was young. The critical value demonstrated by the poem isresponsibility. The writer looks back at the sacrifices father had tomake to ensure that he was happy and well. For instance, in the firststanza, he says “Sundays too my father got up early.” Ordinarily,people rest on Sundays, but his father went an extra mile to commithimself on Sundays too.

Thepoem drops a strong hint of the resilience of the Americans. Despitethe hardships, the writer’s father did not give up he still wokeup early on those cold winters. The wordings of the author clearlyshow that the work his father was doing for his comfort was not aneasy one. Whereas the conditions were unfavorable, his fatherremained resilient.


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