America, Similar to Other Countries is not perfect essay


In The Man in the High Castle, the author communicates hisideologies about colonized and colonial nations. Phillip K. Dickwrites a fictional piece where he imagines America as having lost theSecond World War and introduces the country as a colony. However, healso incorporates some viewpoints that present the real picture aboutcolonization, for instance, when he mentions how colonized nationscopy the cultures of their colonizers. In the process, some of theopinions made by Dick about imposing and colonized nations arecontentious. While I agree with most of the arguments presented byDick in “The Metacolonization of Dick’s The Man in the HighCastle: Mimicry, Parasitism, and Americanism in the PSA,” Idisagree with this particular point from the novel’s article.

The article states “When America narrates its history, all isromance and courage never does it have bloodstains on its hands(Carter 337).” While it is true that America depicts itself ascourageous as well as a romantic nation, I disagree with thestatement that the country does not mention incidences that haveresulted in bloodstains. Just like other nations, America has beeninvolved in wars that have resulted in the deaths of many people.Hence, it would be incorrect to conclude that Americans do notmention such sad incidences when talking about their past. I feelthat the point aims at portraying the United States as a perfectnation, while in essence there is no perfect country. All nations areguilty of committing offences either perpetrated willingly orunwillingly even when the intention is to benefit a country’scivilians. Thus, America cannot be portrayed as the best place in theworld.

The article comprises of illustrations to demonstrate America ascourageous, such as its many historical objects that are emblems ofthe country’s self-portrait as heroic. By failing to includeexamples of America’s history that depict its lack of courage andromance, The Man in the High Castle insinuates that thecountry does not acknowledge its faults.

The article uses a different viewpoint of the Second World War. Ittalks about a world where America becomes a colony to some of thenations that it has colonized. The article explains how some of thecountry’s cultures would continue to be assimilated into the way oflife of its colonizers. For instance, Japan has a great interest forAmerica’s historical objects, which enhances the view of the US asa heroic nation. “According to the Japanese view, Americanhistorical objects are emblems of America’s accumulated truths,narrating the story America tells of itself. Naturally, America’sself-portrait is flattering and heroic (Carter 337).” This enhancesthe view of America as courageous and romantic.

Despite the actual or fictional result of the war presented by Dick,America similar to other nations has been involved in incidences thatpaint a different picture other than that of a faultless nation. Forexample, the mere fact that the country has historically engaged inwar can be used to link its actions to bloodstains. In the event of awar, some countries suffer at the hands of others. Countries thatsuffer often have to deal with losses of humanity. The United Statesvictory in wars is courageous, but at the same time is linked to thedestruction of people.

Many American troops have been sent to countries such as Afghanistanto assist in bringing peace in the country. This can be termed as anoble and courageous move by the government. Soldiers endanger theirlives in the process and many have died in the line of duty. At thesame time, despite the presence of American troops in Afghanistan,the security situation in the country has been deteriorating. As suchthe statement made by Dick in The Man in the High Castlebecomes questionable. Despite the loss of life, which amounts tobloodstain, the US does not seem to have achieved its mission inAfghanistan. Hence, its mission in the country raises doubtconcerning the US romance and courage. Although it may seemcourageous, it is also important to consider that heroism is notachieved when lives are lost. Probably, the US should opt for otherpeacekeeping alternatives instead of armed combat.

In addition, the US faces challenges common in other countries thatportray a different view other than that of a faultless nation. Theseinclude issues such as drug addiction, crime and corruption. Drugaddiction is widespread in America and the nation ranks first amongother industrialized countries due to a high incidence of drug use byits civilians. The country has acknowledged that it does have a drugaddiction problem thus, does not portray itself as only romantic andcourageous as indicated in the article. It also, acknowledges itshigh crime rate and corruption, which are common problems in mostnations.

In conclusion, it is incorrect for the article to argue that Americaportrays itself as purely romantic and courageous. American has notbeen perfect in all its actions and has made mistakes, which questionits courageousness and in most instances, the country has alsoportrayed these flaws while narrating its history.

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