Alzheimer`s Disease essay



Alzheimer`sdisease is a dangerous health condition that affects an individual’smemory and cognitive ability. At the worst stages, a patient islikely to develop dementia, where he or she cannot complete simpleassignments, including, personal care. Studies indicate thatAlzheimer`s disease mostly caused by genetic, lifestyle, andenvironmental factors that affect the functioning of the brain over agiven period. The treatment of the condition is difficult anddelicate hence, makes the disease generate adverse effects on thehealthcare system. Caregivers have the ultimate responsibility tolook after the patients suffering from Alzheimer`s sickness,particularly, on their movements (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016). They areexpected to monitor the movements using either special devices orthrough the usual physical approach. Alzheimer`s disease has adverseeffects on the healthcare system. As part of the intervention, theclinicians are required to monitor the patients, as well as, offerconstant support. The task reduces the number of clinicians availablefor other assignments in an institution. Still, the productivity ofhealth experts is affected as they become emotional and developphysical strain while trying to control the patients, most of whomare adults. It is also notable that the patients are likely todestroy properties in the hospitals.

Moreover,the disease increases the costs of healthcare services, as patientsneed specialized care for them to live normally. Dedicated devices,for instance, are required to monitor the movement of the patients atany particular time. Caring for a patient with the disease,therefore, has high emotional and financial costs. To the healthcaresystem, the condition leads to expensive costs in research fordeveloping appropriate medicine/drugs for curing the illness. Thepatients under hospice care also pose substantial threats to otherpatients since they have poor judgment capacity (Taylor, 2012).


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