African American Living essay

AfricanAmerican Living


African-Americanscan be viewed as an American ethnic group that traces its origin,partially or entirely, from the Black races that reside in Africa.After the US had been founded, African-Americans were treated assecond-class citizens, due to the belief that they were inferior tothe whites. However, after the development of events such as theelimination of racial segregation, the Black community earnedpolitical and social freedom. This paper discusses African-Americanliving today.

Althoughthe American government has worked progressively toward eliminatingracial prejudice, the positive impacts of this action have not hadsubstantial effects on the black community. After a decade ofexceptional economic prosperity, in the year 2000, African-Americanssuffered poverty rates that were 2.6 times higher than whiteAmericans. In addition, between 2004 and 2005, the number of poorAmericans went down by 1 million, but the number of poor blacksincreased significantly. As a consequence, Blacks are morepredisposed to live in high-poverty neighborhoods, compared to thewhites.

Also,current and historical factors come together to prevent communitiesof color from accessing networks of economic opportunity. Researchreveals that candidates with identical qualifications get jobs bytheir races. For example, resumes with &quotwhite surroundingnames,&quot compared to &quotblack-surrounding names,&quot have anincreased likelihood (50% higher) of receiving a call-back from anemployer. Names such as Brendan Baker (white) as opposed to JamalJones, are preferred by American employers.

Inconclusion, the founding of America can be said to have contributedsignificantly to the elevation of the status of African-Americans,from second-class citizens. However, In spite of the advancementsrealized as a result of this emancipation, African-Americans stilllive in hardship.