Affirmative Action Hiring Program essay

Their mission statement always led the way to the airlines industry’s best cumulative consumer satisfaction record. In continuations with their mission statement SW always tries to meet customer expectations and always tried to understand their feelings.

SW mission statements designed and written in such a way that it clarify the services and Its emphasis on customer satisfaction Incorporated customer service commitment in its official contract of carriage reinforcing the pledge to provide safe, affordable, reliable, timely, courteous and efficient air transportation and baggage handling services on every flight as well as produced a fair return on its share holders investments. Now being one of the most successful airlines worlds over SW adopted various measures to be socially responsible organization.

Apart from economic compulsions, SW adopted various measures and purchased/modified its aircrafts 737-700’s with special winglets to save fuel. Due to the Airport Noise and capacity Act, 1990, which provide some legal tool to restrict noise including restrictions on aircrafts types to be used and limits on the number of hourly or daily operations or the time of such operations SW adopted policies to adhere to these new norms. In some cases, these restrictions have caused curtailments in service or increase in operating costs.

Such restriction could limit the ability of SW to expend operations at the affected airport. Apart from this local laws and regulation regarding to the protection of environment, including the discharge or disposal of material such as chemicals, hazardous waste and aircraft deices fluid. Regulatory developments pertaining to such things as control of engine exhaust emissions from ground support equipments and prevention of leaks from underground aircraft fueling system could increase operating costs in the airline industry.

SW does not believe that such environmental regulatory developments will have material impact on the company’s overall competitive position. So company has adopted all the measures and has undertaken voluntary investigation or remediation of soil or ground water contamination at several airport sites. Southwest also generates a lot of favorable publicity because of its unwavering support of Affirmative Action Hiring Program (LeClaire, 2002).

Initially, CEO Herb Kelleher and other top managers made the strategic decision to ensure that Southwest Airlines was perceived as friendly to minority populations. Since Southwest is headquartered in Texas, which has a particularly large Hispanic-American population, Kelleher was primarily concerned with Southwest’s image with Hispanics. In the People Management Department, recruiting managers made an effort to enhance work force diversity by actively promoting an affirmative action hiring program that targeted talented Hispanic individuals.

Supervisors monitored the number of Hispanic recruits that each recruiter interviewed, and encouraged them to carefully review their qualifications for potential “fit” with jobs at Southwest. In the wake of corporate scandals, the SW complied with the new regulations, requiring the implementation of policies and procedures it has been the goal of SW’s board of directors and senior leadership to do so in a way which does not inhibit or contain SW unique organizational culture.