Admission/Application Essay essay


It is always a hard decision to choose which university is the bestwhen there are so many options to choose from. However, I am happythat I have chosen Illinois State University. During my visit to theuniversity I fell in love with the open campus. It is not onlyattractive, but welcoming and makes me feel that I am in the rightplace. I cannot say that my decision to choose ISU was easy. Atfirst, I was confused and wondered whether the institution would meetmy academic objective. This prompted me to do a background study onthe university to ensure that it aligned with my goals. Upon myresearch, I realized that Illinois State University was amongAmerica’s best public universities with a high graduation rate( 1). Also, most of the alumni from theuniversity positively praise the courses offered.

From a young age, I have always desired to become someone learned.Hence, joining ISU is a great opportunity for me to work towardsadvancing my studies in one of the best universities. Given theremarkable percentage of graduating students, especially at this timeand age when so many university students give in to bad influencefrom friends and drop out of school, I am confident that theinstitution will mold me into becoming a better person. I believethat ISU will offer me a competitive learning environment where Iwill be able to not only advance my knowledge, but gain more lifechanging skills that enable me to make meaningful contribution tosociety in my job as a certified nursing assistant.

I have various strengths that have made it possible for me tocontinue excelling academically. I consider myself hardworking,focused and goal oriented. I am hardworking because I always put allmy effort into doing something that I set my mind on. Regardless ofthe challenges that I may face on a daily basis, I realize that Imust do everything possible to complete all my tasks in time andappropriately. I am focused because I pay keen attention to whateverI am doing. I realize that when assigned a task I should do it in thebest way possible. As a goal oriented person, I have objectives inlife, which ensure I focus on becoming a better person. I desire tobecome the best in what I do, which is why I believe that anopportunity to join ISU will improve and increase my strengths.

Despite all my efforts to excel academically, some circumstancesaffected my academic performance. I have two young children, one isthree years and the other is eight months old. Motherhood is a goodexperience, but at times the children require a lot of attention,which makes it impossible to balance between being a fulltime motherand a fulltime student. In addition, I work as a fulltime CNA. Mysituation has resulted in too much pressure in my life to the extentthat at times I feel overburdened. Nevertheless, I have learnt how tobalance being a mother, student and work all together and ensure thateverything is in order. I am confident that given an opportunity tostudy at Illinois State University I will be able to take a stepfurther in advancing my education.

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