Active Audience essay

The concept of Active Audience is a very relative thing when it comes to interpreting how the viewers of a certain media react to it. People give different meanings according to how they perceive subject matters. (Miller 1). Apparently, there is a significant division among the classes of the society in which each corresponds to a certain outlook about the material being presented to them. Obviously, an audience needs to have time, money and energy in order to participate in the viewing of a particular presentation.

In this case, only those individuals who are capable to meet the three conditions will be able to experience becoming an audience. For the most part, people in rich countries have higher chances of engaging themselves to whatever shows are available for them to see. Although, one does not really have to be filthy rich, the three requirements are bounded to be fulfilled only by a classified sector of the society. In a universal perspective, there is not much of significance in becoming an “Active Audience”.

People in poorer countries do not actually have any use of participating with presentations which demand active thinking and critical approach if other social or even livelihood concerns are present. Of course, it would only be impractical for less fortunate people to spend their times and money to experience media presentations if they don’t satisfy first their basic needs.

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