Accounting program essay

Every goal that a man wishes to receive comes at the right time with the great purpose. It is my foremost ambition to make it big in the world of accounting. My short term and long term goal are both rooted in this field that will make my future a success. My name is (insert your name here) and I wish to be admitted in your credible and take up Master of Accounting. My short term goal after I receive my diploma in Master of Accounting Program is to become a Certified Public Accountant. I will endeavor in working for international accountancy firms such as “Big 4” and familiarize myself with business operations in various industries.

I also aim to open up my own practice which offers consulting services for Private Enterprises. I believe I have the capacity to help them with regards to sustainable development. Through the Leventhal Macc Program, I will not only gain knowledge and skills necessary for an accounting profession. It will also aid me in achieving more than my goals. I am more than prepared for the program. I will exert more effort and productivity as a student of USC. Having a Chinese-American cultural upbringing and possessing a bilingual background will also serve as my asset in this field.

I can manage to diversify the student body, bring my broad perspective on business problems, network building and dealing with economics issues. I believe that my personality has the capability of dealing with all kinds of people from different walks of life. Being an economic graduate of UCSD, I was given the opportunities of meeting preeminent professors, attend fruitful seminars and work actively in workshops with my talented classmates. The classical academic training helps me a lot to build up economic understanding of current issues.

My analysis skill is improved by case study and my communication skill was enhanced by teamwork and class presentation. All the school work that I had gave me extreme strings of benefits that landed me on my first job as an analyst at East West Bank. It is a plus factor that being a graduate with highest distinction honor gives me confidence in my potential. My work experience as a Compliance Analyst of East West back gave me valuable banking knowledge and experiences that made me convince to pursue a degree in Accounting.

My job really developed my interest in this field and I wanted to hold a diploma and be an expert of accounting. My position at East West back not only gave me more confidence, it also made me more responsible especially when gathering vital information from 72 branches in the United States. In addition to this I also trusted in reviewing account related legal documents and various reports from departments such as risk management, central processing, and international banking, analyzing account transactions, financial statements to identify transaction patterns, recommend risk rating, file reports on time matter.

The Compliance Department was audited by Federal Reserve, and other government agencies periodically. I was surprise to discover how accounting benefits the corporation and how it makes work function more efficiently. One of my role model Dominic Ng, CPA, President and CEO of East West Bancorp Inc. I look up to him as a man of honor and success. He was able to lead the transformation of East West from a $600 million in assets savings and loan association to being the second largest independent commercial bank headquartered in Southern California with $11.

8 billion in assets. I was fascinated that his accounting background also helps the bank remain strong capital position even in today’s financial crisis. I know that just like this man which I look up to, I can also instill success in the future with the use of my knowledge in accounting. Gazing back through my childhood days, I believe that my desire and willingness to understand and use accounting is seen in my everyday life. I was born to a businessman father who runs pharmaceutical chain stores in China.

I witnessed how he works very hard to get the best profit for his company. He sees to it that by reading and analyzing operational reports, financial statements, making decisions on budgeting etc, his business will never meet its downfall. He is indeed a man of courage as I remembered his decision on adopting perpetual inventory system instead of periodical inventory system in order to avoid interruption of operations, get up to date inventory information. Without the fundamental accounting in a role, the company will suffer.

I know that I am strong and persistent enough in trying to follow the path to be an outstanding accountant first in my profession career. Accounting is a very challenging industry. With hopes and persuasion in mind, I believe that I can excel in this field because I have the necessary skills, determination, and adaptability that will surely fit me in this industry. I strive hard in giving the best of everything in doing things and I see to it that I enjoy what I do. I have an optimistic attitude in meeting tough times in my life.

Challenges are intended to make me a better person and be more prepared for the way ahead of me. I also have this great passion in life when it comes to drawing, calligraphy, playing the electronic organ, and swimming. I am proud to say that I stand out as a winner in calligraphy and electronic organs in China. I treasure every winning moment that I had because this are pillars of my success. Staring my college education in America is indeed a great challenge. The language barriers hindered me to be more participative.

It was a lost on my advantage because there are companies who refused international workers. But then, I was not threatened by this case. Giving up never came up on my mind because I set a course of action for myself. I believe that I can make it big and I can adapt myself with the American life. I will find my place in work, make myself work harder and harder in order to make progress day by day. Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Accounting will help build up an in-depth knowledge in most areas of business and gain broader perspectives.

I am confident that my academic journey will prepare me work more efficiently, overcome difficulties, hopefully bring better operational models to private enterprises. This is the time for me to make my dreams come true. I believe that your good institution has the capability of giving students the best accounting program that they deserve. I look forward with great anticipation in life. I dare to move and make all my dreams a reality come true.