Academic determination essay

As someone who values academic determination and perceives the fundamentals of business as a relevant factor in the lives of many, I strongly believe that securing an education in the international business field is perhaps the most definitive step towards achieving my goal of establishing a business that could provide the best possible source of income for many individuals in the near future.

For some reason, the intriguing and complex nature of this field and its underlying mechanisms are just few of the most important dimensions that strengthened my goal to take on such finite endeavor. Likewise, its connection with other fields alongside the constraints it presents makes it more challenging and interesting. I have been associated with various business-related activities that in one way or another have presented me the idea of how business could work or fail if I do not give substantial effort in making the right decisions to achieve my objectives.

These activities have also provided me with invaluable know-hows that I can utilize in my future practice, illumining my commitment to achieve my set goals. My involvement with the New Apostolic Church where I have served as a volunteer youth counselor is perhaps one of the most time-consuming yet the most rewarding experience that taught me many values which I cannot simply overlook. Here, I was able to showcase my capability as a leader by being an advisor for 20 congregations in Southern California.

I am responsible for planning and promoting youth trips and other relevant activities, and I have also been frequently called upon for guidance by the young individuals of our congregation both in the intellectual and spiritual aspects so as to properly carry out activities that we advocate, such as spending time with the sick and elderly and contributing concepts for various musical presentations. From here, I managed to strengthen my communication skills, which I believe are an imperative factor in the field of business.

More importantly, this experience molded my managerial skills and abilities in such a manner that, by handling and training individuals of diverse background, their varying work attitudes provided me an avenue to develop different approaches of dealing and relating with people. With all of these, I can fairly say that my managerial perspectives have indeed come a long way. I also owe the progress of my individuality as well as my other business knowledge to the challenges that I have come across during my past education.

I have dedicated myself to working with important campus organizations like the International Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Association, which are both focused on helping international students to easily adapt and familiarize themselves with the campus environment. As an active member of these organizations, I was able to help these individuals express their culture by planning on events that could promote their values and traditions.

I had my most significant business-related accomplishment so far at Fry’s Electronic Store, the largest electronic store in Oregon. Starting out as a floor sales associate, I was able learn and establish successful business transactions and properly differentiate the products being offered. In the span of three months, I was able to prove my sales capability after my manager found out that I had the strongest sales record in the team, contributing to the high turnout of sales and significant increase on product placements.

My hard work further paid off when, after five months in the said job, I was promoted as one of the department’s main salesman. My manager encouraged me to apply for a management position because he believes that I possess all the qualities that could contribute to the development of the company. However, I did not entertain such an idea because I do believe that I still need to further educate myself to increase my knowledge.

While I may have enjoyed the varying aspects of business through my experiences, I still wish to pursue an education in this field because I know that I still have many things to learn, and in return, I know that my practical work background has prepared me to make significant contributions in the program that I am about to take in the University of Oregon. More importantly, I believe that every bit of knowledge and experience that I has grown within me to a certain extent, further motivating me to acquire more.

Such opportunity to educate oneself should not be squandered as it paves way for one’s inner growth. By doing so, I would be able to practice the degree I have wanted for a long time, which in the long run would enable me to teach others who have the same pursuit as mine. In order to achieve my objectives, I believe that the program offered by University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business would definitely complement my skills in order to advance my career life for the better.

I know that the University would provide me with a solid teaching foundation that would later on help me to adapt to extreme situations. Through the aid of advanced academic teaching, I know that what I am about to learn would help me secure a strong application for my future business practice. In return, I am committing myself to the institution and ensure that I am a good choice by laying out self-actualization and significant contributions that could add value to the University.