Abundant factors essay

Learning is one of the most abundant factors in our society, on which every one of us are entitled and capable to acquire. In life, learning new things are essential towards the personal and mental growth or development; this helps us to have more positive achievement in our future and it make us equipped to face the future challenges in our life. This serves as a personal treasure and weapon to face as well as achieve the bright future of our life.

More essentially, the acquisition of new learning in life is made more possible with the help of the influential person in our life. As an influential person, these individuals are technically effective, clever and inspiring in behavior. Mr. Thomas, a person whom I consider to be influential for me, on which I have learned many good things in life as well as in our class. Mr. Thomas is my AP Calculus teacher or professor for this year’s junior high school. Moreover, Mr.

Thomas is an my personal choice of influential person for me for this year’s junior high school, first semester, due to fact that he is an effective teacher, on which he is able to attract all of our attention every time he already step inside our room and I was able to absorb a bunch of his usable thoughts. As one of his students, I have learned a bunch of things through Mr. Thomas and his profound capabilities of teaching he uses in our class, on which I learned how to handle more efficiently pressure of school and life become more efficient student.

In more specific explanation, Mr. Thomas is my personal choice of influential person, for he had help me really understand why and how exactly the stuff worked, on which has been one of my personal dilemma, as a student. In the end, Mr. Thomas was really influential for me, on which he was able to reduce the tension our class studies and made it less arduous for us, but yet we are still able to absorb the significant details of his knowledge, through his profound humorous way of teaching, he brought in our class.