Abortion essay

Thediscussion on abortion has been a long and complicated one with twosides always at loggerheads. People have different views on thematter of abortion and majority support the decision that abortionshould be illegal. In my essay I will try to support my claim thatabortion should be legal and one should only be allowed to abortunder special circumstances. It is important to understand thatpotential human beings don’t have rights as an actual human being.In this case, we have to respect the choice the woman or couple madebecause they have a right to make decisions as actual human beings.

Toguide our discussion is an anecdote about a famous violinist. He isunconscious, and his circulatory system is plugged in with mine. TheSociety of Music Lovers is responsible for this. After going throughhis medical records, they found out that I am the only viable personwith the right blood type to help. They kidnapped me and did theprocedure. With my circulatory system, it is possible to remove thetoxins in his body through my kidneys. This is the only way to savehim. The director of the hospital apologizes but tells me that theprocedure will have us conjoined for the next nine months. If Idetach myself any sooner, he will die. I am now faced with a dilemma.Since he is a human and has the right to life, I should go with theplan for the next one year, or unplug and he dies.

Rightto Unplug

SinceI was not consulted in whether I wanted to help the famous violinist,I have the right to complain to the government and claim my freedom.The case study places me as the mother and the violinist as the baby.If I do not see the need to keep the baby that’s plugged into mewithout my consent to keep, then I can remove the violinist withoutbeing in the wrong. One pertinent issue that arises from thisargument is that, if indeed I know in my heart and mind thatunplugging will lead to the death of the violinist, is that notmurder? Have I not killed by my lack of support towards the violinistsince I am the only one that can help. This case can be linked tothat of a lady who has been raped. She did not want the child, butnow she is pregnant as a result of the rape. What argument should sheuse to justify the abortion? She does not want the child or that thechild has not yet formed? Both of which point to an emotionalattachment to carrying the fetus. Any action did afterward points toending of life.


Thegovernment is right at the center of this debate since it has touphold the law. The law states that we should care for life, and noone has the right to end a human life. The problem arises on thespecifics of when human life starts. At conception or birth. Somegovernments have legalized abortions while others are stronglyagainst it. Those that are for it argue that life begins at birth andthat the rights of the mother come first and not that of a fetus thatcannot represent itself in a court of law. Those that are againstabortions believe that life begins at conception and any act againstthe fetus is considered as murder. In this case, it would be wrongfor the government to force me to stick with the violinist, but theyhave no choice since they must uphold the right to life.

Lessonsfrom the Anecdote on .

Theanecdote seeks to focus on the mother and not the fetus. From thisview, we can see the mother’s rights in contrast to the unconsciousfetus. Even though the fetus is linked to the mother, the mother hasthe right to opt out if she cannot handle the pregnancy since she wasforced.


Noonanargues against the anecdote by claiming that when conception hastaken place, a fetus is officially human, with the right to life,like any other human. They are equals, whether or not one is aware ofit or not. This brands just about all abortions as immoral. Theexceptions to this rule come in cases where the life of the mother isat risk, and abortion is the only essential step required to protectthe mother’s life. The only reason for the desecration of thefetus` &quotright to life&quot is to protect the life of the motherand nothing else.

Noonanargues that a fetus does not have to have memories to be human. Thisis the case in our unconscious violinist. He has no memory in thebeginning. His unconsciousness represents this at the beginningsimilar to that of a fetus in the mother’s womb. He further arguesthat he is against the discrimination of human beings by their variedpotential. He claims that once a being is conceived by human parentsthen by all means that being is human. This is because the being hasthe potential to be human and therefore, should be recognized as one.

from a different perspective

Itis important to highlight some key points that people who are againstabortion use oftenly. The main point they emphasize on is that afetus is a human being and killing a fetus would be the same askilling a human being. As earlier stated, the main issue depends onwhen you want to consider a fetus a potential human being or anactual human being. A potential human being does not have any right.It is never wrong to end a life if it puts your life at risk. A goodexample is when a mother expects to get twins, but unfortunately,they are conjoined twins. In most cases doctors are faced with thedecision to separate them leading to one of the twins dying. If theseparation doesn’t happen it would lead to the twins dying or havea short life span. Such a situation is never an issue to the latteragainst abortion, and a majority agree to it that it was necessary toabort. The latter has no right to be biased on some decisions, andthey should allow abortion if the mother deems it necessary.


Thetopic of abortion can be long or an unending conversation amongpeople, but we all have to agree that abortion is necessary if thelife of the mother is at risk. From the points stated in my essay,they strongly support that abortion should be legal. The rights ofthe mother should be respected and adhered to if it puts her indanger.