A Speech to the Music Composer`s Agent essay

ASpeech to the Music Composer’s Agent


ASpeech to the Music Composer’s Agent


Imaginea world without the melodies and harmonies that comprise of music. Indeed, it would be a dull and boring world. Music is the rhythmthat creates harmony and synchrony in all aspects of our lives. Auniversal language understood by all that knows neither race norboundaries. It is an integral part of each one of us that penetratesinto our souls and inspires deep emotions[ CITATION Arn99 l 1033 ].It is this love for music that has led me to this platform to askthat you may compose a special piece as a birthday gift for my uncleJohn, in two months’ time.

Choiceof Composer

Icannot think of my uncle John without reminiscing of the Christmasmusicals he has always led throughout my family’s history. He hasalways been enthusiastic in mobilizing the family to perform musicpieces marking memorable family gatherings, weddings and evenfunerals. He is familiar with many musical instruments with greatinterest in the piano, violin and the different guitars. He has awide collection of music ranging from the classical genres of the21stCentury pop music (Jr, 2006). He is thus a lover of all aspects ofmusic and I am sure he would appreciate a special composition to markhis fiftieth birthday.

Indeciding on which music composer to approach for my uncle’s specialgift, I narrowed my choices into three landmark music composers ofall time. First, Steve Reich is renowned for his statement harmoniccompositions which have impacted contemporary music greatly,especially in the USA. However, his compositions are often simple andrepetitive. Secondly, Philip Glass is famed for his minimalist musicensembles, especially in film scores and classical pieces. HoweverGlass has often been predominantly constrained into the classicalgenre and thus would create a relatively monotonous composition.

Thisled me to settle on Eric Whitacre to compose my uncle’s specialcomposition. Eric is an award winning composer and conductor. He isfamed for his orchestral and choral ensembles. Having been born inthe 1970s Eric has been exposed to a wide range of music and hasexperienced the transition of music into the present genres. He hastherefore witnessed the transformation and development of music inhis lifetime. I therefore believe he understands the dynamic natureof music and is enriched with the tools necessary to compose aspecial rendition for my uncle. The fact that Eric Whitacre and myuncle are almost the same age shouldn’t even be assumed (Whitacre,2010).

EricWhitacre’s work is unique in having infrequent rhythmic patternswhich set him apart from other composers. He has great ability insplitting voices to create outstanding melodies which converge into aharmonious sound. Eric is also a famous poet and thus I believe inhis ability to create lyrics that will be relevant to the occasion.His use of props and hand actions, together with his ability tocapture the audience will be crucial in focusing attention of theaudience. As the most influential modern music composer Whitacre hasrich knowledge of music and will be able to deliver beyondexpectations (Whitacre, 2010).


Ihope that Eric Whitacre will grace the birthday party and deliver atimeless gift to my uncle John. I hope that the timelessness createdin Whitacre’s music will be replicated to create an eternity for myuncle. More specifically, I hope that his poetic nature will bereflected in the composition to ensure that the lyrics will speak ofthe greatness of a man we all look up to as a family and expressgratitude to his legendary stature. I also hope that the warmth inhis music will be of great essence in lighting up my uncle’s worldin his coming days as well as a legacy for the gift of life.


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