A Proposed Science/Lab Activity: On Magnetism essay

As for the Science class, Differentiated Instruction could also be employed. The same purpose, structure and elements as differentiation in Math class could be used in Science class (Hall, Strangman, & Meyer, 2003). In employing the differentiation strategy here are the three most important techniques: First, diagnostic evaluations can really help the teachers in determining students’ readiness. Teachers can include questions that would solicit the students’ background about a particular topic.

Second, by having lists of interest of the students and by making them participate in the planning process, teachers may find out the interest of students. Lastly, identification of student’s learning methods and environmental liking may be discovered by directly asking them of how they think they can learn and better (Tomlinson, 1999). A Proposed Science/Lab Activity: On Magnetism I. Describe the flow of the activity. A. Give the objective of the activity. B. Give the details of the activity but do not tell them what they should do. (Let the students themselves explore how the activity would progress).

Expose them to the different materials that they may use to perform the activity. (Do not limit them on established magnet-related materials. Let them discover what other materials are relevant to the activity. ) II. Group the students according to their preferred learning method and environmental inclinations. A. Let them organize their own strategy on performing the activity on magnetism – on how they can explain it. B. Tell them to document their observations and findings individually. C. After having individual inputs, tell them to synthesize their findings. III. Make them report their works in the class.

A. Allow every student speak for their activity. (Do not say, “That’s wrong” or “That’s right. ”) B. Allow them confront and analyze each other’s report. C. Allow them discuss their perceived purpose of the activity. IV. Generalize the activity. A. Define the concept of magnetism and other related-concepts and processes they observed based on how the students perceived and understand them. (The students should be the one who would define each concept and observed-process. ) B. Ask the students about the relation and the importance of magnetism and its processes as well as its relation to their daily activities.