A Poem Analysis essay

Poems as an expressive and classic form of literature continued to impress people devoted to this art. The essential part of this literary creation should first be understood. Others have a difficulty in interpreting the idea behind a poem but still they are able to appreciate its language and structure. There are certain features of poems that distinguish it from other forms of literature. Poems are formed by the basic elements of rhyme, meter and stanzas. Rhyme simply refers to the similarity of sound found at the end of two words. Meter on the other hand is the rhythms found in the poem.

Stanzas are generally composed of lines that together form the division of a poem. Usually they have the similar length and follow the same pattern of meter and rhyme. The poem, “The World is Too Much with us; Late and Soon” by Wordsworth was the focus of the analysis. What is the effect of form in this example of poetry? Rhyme in poetry makes a poem creative and interesting. It also makes the poem clear and refined because of the effect it gives. It fascinates the reader on how a poet can convey the message by using well thought words. ‘We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon” is the part of the poem that illustrates the use of rhyming words. Wordsworth was included among the famous 18th century English Romantic poets. The poem was a sonnet or known as lyric poetry consisting of 14 lines. It was typically a Petrarchan sonnet being divided into an octave with rhyming words in the pattern of abbaabba and a sestet with pattern of cdcdcd. During that time a movement in literature known as Romanticism emerge which influence the theme in his poems. It focuses on the emotion and the personal experiences of an individual.

The appreciation of nature was also one of its theme and features. The sonnet also contains imaginative play. There are also forms of strong imagery, allegory, irony and analogy. After recognizing its form and structure the message of the poem should also be given emphasis and how the form affected the idea and the message of this poem as a whole. It is poem with regards to man and nature. It mentioned and illustrated nature and its importance. It has a moral implication of how man becomes careless and foolish in neglecting the nature. He made comparison of the sea to a woman.

He also mentioned gods from Greek mythology. He mentioned about God and Pagans. He used strong imagination to illustrate the relationship of man to nature. ”Have sight of Proteus rising form the sea; or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn. ” He also included fictional characters inside the poem. Form in the poem has effect in its general appearance, artistic value, idea and substance. Through form a poet can creatively express his thought and point of view in creative and artistic manner. Poetry follows some formal structure which a reader must first identify.

The ideas found between and beyond the lines are just of the main features of a poem. The poem somehow criticizes man and how he wastes his powers, by getting and spending according to the poem. The poem serves its purpose to entertain and also to inform. It reveals the attitude of the poet from the things around him. Form in poetry can greatly affect its meaning.

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