A kitchen and bathroom cabinetry essay

A kitchen and bathroom cabinetry manufacturer is interested in determining the satisfaction level of its staff which will help the company to become an Employer of Choice in its industry which will enable it to recruit and retain the best people. To become an Employer of Choice, an organization has to enhance its reputation, give employees awards, make working conditions positive, strong business ethics and quality employee relations and in return it can expect higher level of loyalty and commitment from employees.

The industry has seen a high rate of turnover and staff burnout due to shortage of quality people and relevant skills and also due to pressure from firms on employees to produce more in smaller period of time. Like its other competitors, the company is facing the same problem which is extremely costly for the firm since a lot of money is spent on recruitment, training, downtime, fall in quality, loss of corporate knowledge, etc.

Due to the increased amount of turnover, the company’s directors have decided to undertake this survey which will be used to bid for obtaining the title of Employer of Choice. The directors are continually told by operational managers that even though the turnover is high, the staff satisfaction is quite high and high turnover is due to the industry but obviously, high turnover does reduce the chances of getting Employer of Choice award.