A doll house essay


The aspect of having realism in art is presented when a form of artsuch as a play depicts the real life in the world in it. Realism isnormally depicted through the characters and the symbolism. The playA Doll’s House is one such play which clearly depicts realism inits characters and symbolism. The structure of the play and thethemes are a reflection of the real world on stage. The main theme inthe play is the depiction of women as weak sexes and how they aresubmissive to men. Nora, who is the wife to Torvald appears toglorify her husband and submit to him. They are perfect and realisticfamily with three children and this is the first form of realism thatis depicted in the play. The nature and the roles of the wife in theplay depicts what happens in a real world today. She does not have anofficial job and her responsibility is take of the family. Noraappears to be weak and she is under the mercies and control of themen around her (Ibsen, 2011). For instance, after she borrowed moneyfrom Krogstad, she is blackmailed and she has to compromise variouspleasures in order to pay the debt. It is essential to note that shehides this from her husband. This is a form of realism and it is anindication of what happens in a contemporary world. It is also anindication of the control and the power that men have over the womenin the society. There is an element of fear that Nora has towards herhusband. In reality, men are supposed to be praised and respected bywomen by women being submissive to them. The play, A Doll’sHouse is a true reflection of reality through the depiction of thecharacters, structure and the themes.

The treatment that Nora receives from her husband indicates thedominance that men have over women in a real contemporary society. Itis clear from the play that Nora is treated like a child by herhusband and he does not believe that she can understand anything todo with money or business (Ibsen, 2011). This form of male chauvinismis extremely common in the today’s society and therefore the playdepicts realism in its theme and structure. The depiction of Nora asbeing under the mercy of her husband indicates that women are a weakgender and their roles only revolve around the kitchen. However, itis clear from the play that women are starting to fight for their ownrights and freedom just as it is happening in reality. It isessential to note that Nora had borrowed the money in order to assisther husband and yet the husband does not appreciate it since hebelittles Nora. It is clear that Nora is deceitful and this is arealistic nature of women. Another form of realism in the play isseen when the women such as Nora and Linde are trying to acquireindependence and freedom from the men. When Torvald realizes thatNora had a debt behind his back, he disowns her. Nora finallyacquires freedom and independence from her controlling husband. It isessential to note that in the contemporary world, women arestruggling to acquire freedom and independence from the men (Ibsen,2011). This reality is clearly depicted in the play by Henrik. Lindeis also an independent woman after being widowed. It is clear thatshe is poor and she is seeking employment. This is the commonassumption in a real world where women whose husbands have died seemto suffer and to struggle in order to make ends meet. Linde feelsdesperate and does not believe that she can make it alone. This isexemplified when she says:

“………. now I am quite alone in the world—my lifeis so dreadfully empty and I feel so forsaken. There is not the leastpleasure in working for one`s self. Nils, give me someone andsomething to work for…….”

This is a clear indication that the woman feels lonely due to theabsence of a husband. The reliance on a husband is evident in thiscase and it exemplifies the male dominance in the contemporary world.

The realism in the play is exemplified by the fact that the story inDoll’s house was based on a real life situation of Henrik’sfriend, Laura Kieler and her husband Victor. The same story ofsigning a loan in order to cater for a husband’s medical billshappened with Laura and victor and she was divorced once the Victorknew about the loan (Ibsen, 2011). It is therefore evident thatwhatever is happening in the pay is represents reality. AlthoughLaura would later reunite with her husband Victor, Henrik wrote theplay when Laura was still away from her husband in asylum. It is alsoimportant to state that the secret relationship between Nora andtheir rich family friend Dr. Rank is a representation of reality. Intoday’s world, there are numerous instances of love affairs betweenmarried men and or women with their friends.

The structure of the play where we have the family of Nora, herhusband and their three children is a representation of realism. Mostof the modern families have a maximum of three children and thereforethe depiction of a family with three children represents reality. Thefamily setting is in such a way that they have family friends and thehusband is the provider of the family. The family friends such asKrogstad assisted Nora when the family was in crisis. The favors thatKrogstad expects at work are a common occurrence in the contemporaryworld. The play focuses on the rights of women and road towardsself-discovery. It is therefore evident that the play representsrealism in both its structure and the theme. In other words, it iseasy to apply everything in the play to a real world situation.


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