31 May 2016 essay

GMU Admission Ranking

I will rank the applicants from best to worstbased on their admission video shoots. The best applicant here isBrittany. She has the vigor and admiration to join GMU with outrightknowledge of the university and the course she want to pursue. Shegives her outstanding GPA points which show her academic prowess. Shehas scooped numerous awards in her high school and has a greatpersonality. Second in line is Asia. Asia holds GMU at heart sayingit’s her dream school. She has knowledge of what she wants at GMUand why she intends to come here. She definitely took time toresearch about us. She misses on her academic credentials and honorsshe has achieved in high school but maybe, she will present them inperson.

Third in line is Mateo. He has travelledwidely, possibly a multilingual, he is a FBLA award winner, awork-out maniac and is a healthy lifestyle advocator. He is aco-founder of an organization in high school and golf co-captain.These are all qualities of a high achiever and a good leader.GMUtrains leaders of tomorrow and Mateo is a good candidate. He missesout on his willingness to join GMU and lacks the interest of joiningGMU. George scores the least. George is a creative genius and woulddo very well in the creative courses such as music. He made a veryimpressive musical video. He is not too smart academically but thatis not the only determinant of success in life. Through working hardhe can achieve the desired GPA. But due to his “not too smart”suggestion, puts him the last since he lacks the self-beliefattitude.

Reply to Jonathan Godoy

Jonathan has analyzed the videos very wellshowing that he took ample time to watch them. He has depicted thecharacter traits and personalities of each applicant and given athorough description of them including their academic credentials,awards, personal lives and co-curricular activities. Jonathan hasalso graded the applicants in a chronological order from worst tobest based on his opinion on them. However, he has used harshlanguage when analyzing one of the applicants, Mateo. He has shownthat a GMU’s admissions officer should not care about all thequalities of an applicant which is wrong. An officer should keenlyanalyze every detail of the student free from bias and contempt.Overall, he has done a good job. Well done.