Сosmic dynamic essay

Our last cosmic dynamic is revealed by the wind. Wind is created as heat moves from place to place. The entire universe expands in just this way: if we look into the night sky, we see that the galaxies are all moving away from us. The further away the galaxy, the faster it rushes away. The relevance of this quotation becomes even more apparent as one thinks about past events. Human existence moves forward as if on a number line. Past experiences are soon left behind and man is confronted will new experiences everyday. There is no limit to these experiences.

One can expect to have as many experiences as possible. This becomes even more astounding when one considers that there are an infinite number of permutations possible experiences daily. Life constantly expands. Beginning from the first steps as a child and the first words uttered, the human experience expands exponentially much like the way the universe expands. As one begins to get in touch with people around, the world seems so much bigger. Vicarious experiences allow people to reach out and know what it is like to be in other places outside of theirs.

This is the essence of human interaction. This is the way the world expands for all human beings in life, much like the way the universe expands. 4) Play, fantasy, the imagination, and free exploration of possibilities: these are the central powers of the human person. It has been said that the attribute that sets human beings apart from the other members of the animal kingdom comes from the fact that human beings are capable of exploring the possibilities in life and imagining. The human imagination has no bounds.

Only predispositions and biases prevent the human mind from imagining a universe. Without theses central powers, the deepest trenches, the highest peaks and even the far reaches of the world would remain unexplored had no man dared to imagine. The fastest car, the most powerful computers and the smallest cellular phones would have never even been conceptualized had it not been for the central powers of human beings. That is what sets man apart from other animals, the capacity and ability to think beyond the boundaries of others imagination.

3) To Begin with, understand that humans are not unique in having to suffer. Nor are humans unique in being violent. We live in a violent universe. Violence fills the cosmos in various forms, and human violence is only once of these. The essence of human existence is in being able to experience life. Life is full of disappointments and is also so full of wonderful experiences. While indeed not everything in life is wonderful, there is a reason why such sadness and darkness also exists. These events serve to highlight the wonder of life.

Man is essentially an emotional being. The capacity to empathize and the capacity to emote are primarily human. While there is violence, it is at the same time not simply wanton disregard or destruction of life but rather also an opportunity for others to help out and strengthen the bonds of men in society. Man as a social being sometimes needs these experiences in order to forge stronger relationships with others. This is the value of violence in human life. 2) I sometimes think the primary deed of a parent is to see the beauty and grace of children.

Children are magnificent, gorgeous beyond telling. They themselves have no idea of what beauty they embody. A common maxim these days is that regarding a mother and a face that only a mother could love. While occasionally used in another context, this is actually quite applicable to the quote in question because it indeed highlights the ability of parents to see beauty and grace in children. No artist discards his canvass without trying to bring out the beauty that is contained within.

There is an ounce of truth when people claim that children are truly marvelous. Like clay that is yet to be sculpted to form a masterpiece, children too embody an innocence and malleability that allows them to attain their full potential if instructed properly. A beauty that has been set and determined can only remain to be what it is. Children can be so much more because they are not under the same restrictions. 1) The universe is a singularity! To speak, you need to compare things. Thus we say that the house is white, not brown.

Or that the man is hostile, not kind. Or that it happened in the nineteenth century, not before. But there is only one universe. We cannot compare the universe with anything. We cannot say the universe. The process of learning is predicated on past experiences. There must always be a vantage point from where the comparison is to be made. Without having known other similar objects, comparisons cannot be made and definitions cannot be attached to it. The problem that now arises is with regard to things that are incomparable.

Yet while it is asserted that the universe cannot be compared with anything, it is possible to say the universe because of life. Man’s life within the universe allows him to not only see the universe but also to experience the world. It is a first-hand perspective that provides a wonderful opportunity to know and see the universe up close. While it may be confined to a miniature part of the universe, it is the universe nonetheless. Life does not need to have comparisons but rather must be filled in with experiences.