Сhallenge spirit essay

I want to say that my appearance doesn’t reflect my inner world. I might look gentle, quiet, and introversive in appearance. However, in reality I am actually active and bright. Furthermore, I always appreciate the role honesty and diligence in business and in personal life. In terms of decision-making process, I would always come up with a creative thoughts and ideas. I think that creative thinking makes us more open to opposing ideas and arguments and gives an excellent opportunity to consider the advantages and drawbacks of each one, and to learn something new from others, etc.

So, I pay special attention to develop creativity. In work I am logical and analytical, rather than daring for adventures while handling works. I don’t lack decisiveness and resoluteness; however, I am now equipping myself with decisive power that suits particular conditions and situations. In team work, I always prefer a position that actively steps forward to serve and lead the others rather than quietly participating behind or following the leader.

So, I have all the makings of becoming effective leader. For me, leadership is the ability to inspire the team, to see what they are capable of and to help the team to work coherently and harmoniously. I possess clear values and objectives as well as self-confidence, savvy, persistence and knowledge. As for my career experience, I was in charge of Andong city. My target monthly salary was one hundred million KRW and the achievement rate came down to be more than 100%.

For the business connection itself, I have accomplished to promote the dealership of 20 million KRW for monthly prescription fee and another dealership of 10 million KRW which definitely is a big amount of money for private hospitals. I am satisfied with my present accomplishment, but I think that I have to more further – to higher level. I have always had the modest learning spirit for developing myself in sales business. The experiences that I have might seem common; yet, I am second to none when it comes to conviction and challenge spirit.

Nowadays the labor environment remains highly competitive and more people are tending to seek for knowledge improvements in order to find better job opportunities. Therefore, I always seek for new ways how to expand my knowledge and skills. I think I am strong-willed, hard-working and shrewd person. The personal qualities such as passion, strength of a character, humor, wisdom reliability, sensitivity, creativity at work and common sense are of great importance for me. I am a flexible person and I think I am able to adapt to many perplexing and confusing situations.